Build Customer Loyalty with OPM - Brand Management Platform

Online Print Management (OPM) is the perfect solution for your client’s repeat orders. Provide them with their very own online ordering web site that delivers ultimate convenience and ensures their collateral is always on-brand.  By providing variable templates for your client’s high-volume orders, anyone in their organisation can login and create their own print-ready PDF artwork. Marketing managers can oversee the setup and approval process to ensure the non-negotiable brand elements are adhered to at all times.


OPM ultimately provides you as a CMYKhub trade partner, a seamless system from prepress to delivery. Once the site is setup, you can decide if you prefer not to touch the order, allowing us to print and deliver the order directly to your client with your label on the box. An uninterrupted workflow where you profit without lifting a finger. Most importantly this simple, efficient platform buys you loyalty from your client. By hosting their brand assets on a web site that is easy for them to use, they are less likely to worry about the price they are paying or if another printer believes they can do a better job.


Enjoy the Benefits of OPM

  • Ideal for corporate, franchises or government agencies
  • No software download or desktop application required
  • Login from any device anywhere, anytime
  • Reduce the cost of low value orders – ideal for business cards and other stationery
  • Control the workflow – decide how many (if any) touchpoints you or your client has throughout the order
  • Generates print-ready PDF’s that will always pass CMYKhub’s preflight process.
  • Choose if you would like to print at CMYKhub, produce in-house or at another supplier
  • Free setup and templating*

*CMYKhub reserves the right to charge for setup and templates if an OPM site does not comply with the fair use policy 


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