Printed envelopes, though seemingly simple, play a pivotal role in making a powerful first impression.

As the first point of physical contact between your client’s company and its target audience, an eye-catching and well-designed envelope serves as a prelude to the message inside. It immediately captures recipients' attention and creates a sense of anticipation, motivating them to open it and engage with the enclosed content.

Branding your clients envelopes also evokes trust and professionalism, ensuring the content of the mail is actually viewed and not thrown in the recycling before it’s intended purpose.

Standard Sizes and Templates

Standard Window Size

  • DL (220 x 110mm)
    and DLX (235 x 120mm)
    Correspondence Envelopes

  • Barcode Window Size

  • C5 (162 x 229mm)
    Booklet Mailers

  • C4 (229 x 324mm)
    Booklet Mailers

Envelope Styles

Flap Types

  • V-Flap (Banker)

  • Wallet/Booklet Mailer

  • Pocket

Sealing Methods

  • Moist Seal

  • Peel and Seal
    (Seal Open)

  • Peel and Seal
    (Seal Closed)

N.B Overprint rates are subject to change.

Artwork Restrictions

Check out our envelope's artwork guidelines here.

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