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In 1980s, Clive Denholm was a pioneer of gang printing while founding a well renowned businesses which still operates today. Their specialty was inexpensive business cards for real estate agents, batching orders together using the old film technique. He then went onto develop his first hub and spoke manufacturing model business, with factories in Sydney and Perth successfully servicing smaller franchise print shops. As technology and print quality rapidly improved, these small businesses struggled to keep up with the investment required to manufacture their own products to this new industry standard. By pooling their orders together and sharing the setup and investment cost of the machines it allowed them to compete. From this idea Print Hub (later becoming CMYKhub) was spawned to service the entire print trade of Australia.


In 2006, CMYKhub was incepted by the founder Clive Denholm. It has been a family-owned business since then. The first factory opened in Heidelberg West, Victoria with 2 Ryobi presses. This is still the site of CMYKhub Victoria.


In 2009, another family with a rich history in print became shareholders in CMYKhub, as Gary and his eldest son, Trent Nankervis joined the business. Gary, owned Impact Printing with his brothers since the mid-70’s, which evolved into the successful commercial print business we know today as Southern Impact. The Nankervis name is till abundant between these businesses to this day, as the next generation has led the success into a new era.


With the Nankervis’s on board and a reliable team (many of whom still work in the business today), Denholm was able to grow CMYKhub to meet the demands of the Australian geographical landscape. In 2010, CMYKhub NSW was opened in future of the Australian print industry evidenced these investments and by a belief in their trade partners to embrace innovative new products.

Recent Years

Employing over 120 staff across 5 locations, CMYKhub embraces the family atmosphere, with a strong culture of thinking big and acting small. Our loyal staff have built careers in the business and are never far from recalling our humble beginnings. We like this to reflect within our customer experience where you get all the perks of dealing with a big organisation, but the personalised service level of a small business.


As a trade supplier we rely solely on the success of our partners, which is why we hold DIFOTIS (Delivery in Full on Time in Specification) close to our heart. We understand that a late or defective order can damage reputations and relationships for our trade partners. When we make a commitment, we’ll move mountains to achieve our promise. We want our partners to trust that once they have made the decision to leave their order in our hands, they won’t have to think about it until their client calls to praise them for it. 


We believe in building relationships with our partners. This stems from providing solutions to meet deadlines (the answer is not no, it’s how), exceeding expectations, providing fresh ideas and samples to prove their concept.

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