CMYKhub’s offset print colour guarantee. If you follow our process and your colour doesn’t match the swatch you have selected, then we’ll simply reprint your order.

The variable nature of CMYK offset gang printing can present a number of challenges. No imposition is ever the same as the previous one; for example your business card will be placed on a 90up A1 sheet next to different cards than your previous order. We keep press conditions as uniform as possible, keeping air temperatures and ink density consistent on every print run. This Colour Finder is produced under these conditions in accordance with international standard ISO 12647-2 and acts as a central reference point.


We know it’s not always ideal to change your client’s unique brand, however CMYK print produces differently on every output device. This colour finder is calibrated to our offset press and ensures you can confidently print that brand with us.


If you choose to use this tool, it means we are working on the same page and it gives you the assurance that we are checking your order to that agreed standard before it is dispatched.


Please follow this process for any colour sensitive offset printing orders you place with us:



1. Step
Select the colour you need from the Colour Finder. Match an existing hard copy sample to the closest swatch or take the Colour Finder to your client and ask them to select their desired colour.

2. Step
Create or amend the artwork in your design application to match the CMYK breakdown of your selected colour swatch.

3. Step
Upload your file to Hublink at and reference the Colour Finder grid reference in the order notes. Notifying us of this colour match allows us to impose the artwork for best colour results.

4. Step
The order is printed in accordance with international standard ISO 12647-2 and then scanned with a spectrophotometer ensuring that colours are digitally matched and approved before dispatch. This process mitigates discretionary decisions made by the human eye.

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