Experience ultimate speed to market with our fleet of HP Indigo presses. 

With presses in each of our five production facilities, we can produce fast, consistent results with unsurpassed quality. When you order digital at CMYKhub, you always receive HP Indigo.

Brisbane Cairns Melbourne Perth Sydney

Brisbane Hub

HP Indigo 7r – 310x425mm maximum print area

Cairns Hub

HP Indigo 7r – 310x425mm maximum print area

Melbourne Hub

HP Indigo 100K – 510x720mm maximum print area

Perth Hub

HP Indigo 5500 & 7800 – 310x425mm maximum print area

Sydney Hub

HP Indigo 100K – 510x720mm maximum print area

Why is HP Indigo so good?

Indigo presses use thermal offset transfer technology to produce a smooth flat offset-print-like image. Similar to offset printing the HP Indigo utilises a blanket to transfer ink to the media. The blanket is heated and blending the Electroink particles into a smooth film. The image is completely defined on the blanket and then transferred directly to the substrate by direct contact. The result is a supremely high-quality finish with incredible contrast, colour depth and smooth offset-like appearance.

  • Unsurpassed CMYK colour gamut

  • Brilliant solids and half-tones without banding and imperfections

  • Broad range of media compatibility

  • High-speed production

HP Indigo Best Practice

HP Indigo inks provide excellent colour depth and smooth image quality, however this means they cure slightly softer on the sheet than other printing methods.

For this reason we recommend the following:

  • Perfect Bound Books — Laminate the outer front cover, especially if there is heavy ink coverage around the spine.
  • Saddle Staple Books — Laminate the outer front cover, but only if it contains a heavy ink coverage.
  • Presentation Folders or Diecut Shapes — Laminate the printed area, especially if the print surface contains a heavy ink coverage.
  • Small grey or half-tone text — Avoid thin typefaces for text smaller than 9pt.
  • Reversed out white text on dark backgrounds — Avoid thin typefaces for text smaller than 9pt.

HP Indigo - The Green Printing Choice

Digital printing has obvious waste reduction benefits by abolishing plates, decreasing make-readies and intensive cleaning cycles associated with offset printing. Agile and on-demand digital printing can reduce inventory waste throughout the supply chain and improve relevance in the marketplace more often. HP Indigo sets itself apart from other digital presses with technology designed for sustainability, quality, workplace safety, and cost-effectiveness.


Energy Savings

True digital offset architecture, powered by HP Indigo's unique proprietary Liquid Electrophotography (LEP) technology, enables a high ink coverage job with low energy consumption, without compromising on the safety aspect of food packaging use. HP Indigo presses are equipped with advanced energy recovery mechanisms such as regenerative braking and an advanced heat recovery system. Thereby, these presses achieve optimal press productivity by reducing media waste and energy consumption.


Limited VOC Emittance

The HP Indigo digital press emits a fraction of the VOCs used in conventional printing processes. The HP Indigo digital press has a capture and control system utilising a chiller system and flow of cold water that allows the capturing of VOCs in the recycling system located in the utility cabinet of the press.


Ink Composition

The carrier liquid used in HP Indigo ElectroInks is a high-purity, virtually odorless, synthetic isoparaffinic fluid comprised of low weight hydrocarbon chains (C11-C13), commonly used in personal care products and allowed for use in food contact materials across various jurisdictions. Mineral oil is defined as an oil that has a long hydrocarbon chain (>C20). All HP Indigo ElectroInks used for our packaging presses do NOT include mineral oil in their formulation.


Indigo Certified Stocks

HP Indigo and CMYKhub alike helps customers print more sustainably by responsibly sourcing the paper, by facilitating more efficient paper use, ad by collaborating across the paper industry to encourage best practices. HP Indigo users can choose from a wide array of media options, from FSC ® certified papers to biodegradable, compostable films (that can help in reducing the adverse impact of economic activities on biodiversity).



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