CMYKhub labels are ready to roll!

You can now order a number of standard product roll labels in Hublink.

  • Why roll labels?

    Whilst we have been producing wide format stickers for the past six years, these are not always cost effective at higher volumes and printing small detailed graphics. This is where roll label printing takes over. Our new HP Indigo 6K provides all the benefits you already experience from our digital printing department, but now in adhesive form.

    Producing roll labels will open up entirely new markets for our trade partners in the exploding label and packaging sector. Labels on a roll are easy to apply, provide a broad range of materials, adhesives and finishes and are cost effective for orders over 500 units. 

  • What size and shape?
    Currently we have a small range of dies to choose from for the labels to be cut to shape and size, stripped and rewound onto the roll that you will receive. These will expand over time and we hope to provide you an extensive library to select and offer your clients. Please see our current library here.
  • What is leading edge and roll direction?

    Leading Edge

    The leading edge refers to the way the label dispenses off the roll first when labels are machine applied or used in desktop printers. This ensures that the labels are produced in a format that suits the application and orientation of the label. This combined with the Roll Direction will ensure that the labels suit the application. Example: A Label with the dimensions of 50x150mm is not the same as a label with of 150x50mm, the leading edge will be different, and it changes the way the labels come off the roll.

    Rolling Direction

    These are the available roll directions to order in Hublink. You can only select one of these at a time and only certain roll directions are available to you depending on your artwork orientation. Please review our Label Artwork Guidelines.

  • How many labels per roll?
    Our standard products are all 500 labels per roll supplied on 76mm diameter cores.

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