• Digital or Offset?
    If you are unsure whether your order should be printed digital or offset based on the quantity, you can check this by using the toggle at the top of the page in Offset/Digital Flat Sheet and Offset/Digital Booklet. The price will change as you tick or untick this box.
  • Kinds

    Kinds refer to different pieces of artwork that you wish to order as one order eg. 2 different names required for a business card order. 

    If you require 2 kinds of 1000 of each = 2000 total, then your order specification should read 2 Kinds of 1000 Quantity.

    If you require different quantities of different kinds then you can either;

    • Order them separately in multiple orders
    • Order as a quantity of 1 and multiple kinds eg. if you require 3 units of 1 kind and 6 units of another kind, then order as 9 kinds of 1 copy each. This would require 3 copies of the kind 1 artwork and 6 copies of the kind 2 artwork.
  • Quantity & Size
    Standard Product quantities and sizes are set at pre-determined common brackets and specifications to provide efficient ganging of print orders. If you require specific quantities or sizes, then this can be quoted and ordered under Offset or Digital Flat Sheet or in Wide Format. Except for booklets, the size of the printed item is always the flat, unfolded dimensions eg. 4PP A4 Brochure is quoted as an A3 with folding in half.
  • Multiple Quantities

    Hublink allows you to quote multiple quantities in the same quote. Selecting the quantity you wish to order occurs after you click the orange ORDER button.
  • Custom Products

    If there is a printed product you are looking for that you can’t find in Hublink, it doesn’t necessarily mean we can’t produce it. We are open to producing custom products if our manufacturing equipment is suitable. Email quotes@cmykhub.com with your brief and we’ll help you meet your client request.
  • Valid Quotes

    Quotes are valid for 60 days from the date of issue. If you copy over an old quote and the price is drastically different, please contact us to review it. We may have previously applied a discount for you that has not carried over to your new quote. If you need to generate a PDF of your online quote, you can click PDF at the bottom of the open quote page.
  • Cancelling Orders

    An order can be cancelled if it is at the following status:

    • Preflight – You can cancel in Hublink
    • Artwork Pending – You can cancel in Hublink
    • Planning – You will need to call/email the Orders Team to arrange this

    You may enquire about cancelling your order at further status; however it is likely to incur a cost. If ganged with other products we are unable to cancel the printing.

  • Defective Orders

    We take great pride in our work and our quality assurance process, however sometimes a small percentage of orders are delivered with unexpected results. If there is a problem with your order, please contact orders@cmykhub.com as soon as possible with the following information:

    • order number
    • description of the issue eg. image missing, folded incorrectly, damaged in freight
    • photographs of the issue (if possible)

    We understand that that you may not always be aware of the problem until weeks or even months after delivery. We do have the best chance of resolving it favourably if we can review the situation within 10 business days, as we will still have our samples, files and documentation on file. 

  • Delayed/Missing Delivery

    To track your order you can use the consignment number provided in the dispatch email or available at the Order Detail page in Hublink. If Delivery was expected earlier, then you can either contact the freight provider directly using that consignment number or please email orders@cmykhub.com and we will do this on your behalf.

  • Re-Ordering

    To copy a previous order:

    1. Click the order number in your orders list
    2. Click the quote number in the order detail screen
    3. Click Save Copy at the bottom of the screen
    4. This will hold all of the previous order details and allow you to order again. Unfortunately, we do not keep artwork on file from previous orders due to the high volume of orders we handle. This will need to be uploaded again.
  • Delivery

    • To Centre is your default business location
    • To Customer is any Australian physical address (we cannot deliver to PO Boxes)
    • Pickup means you will collect from your local CMYKhub dispatch

    Delivery charges – Our Hublink price includes delivery to the location as entered.

    Customers – If you have repeat customers that you require us to deliver to directly, then their details can be saved in Hublink, so you can click ‘Copy From Customer’ when ‘To Customer’ is chosen. If this option is not available in Hublink, please contact support@cmykhub.com to activate it.

  • Payment

    Each order can be paid for by credit card within the Order Detail screen or you can pay for multiple invoices at the statement page. Invoices for completed orders can be downloaded from the Statement page.

    We accept Visa, Mastercard and EFT

    To apply for an account, download our Account Application form here, fill it out and return to us for processing.

    We take security extremely seriously and use the most up-to-date secure checkout system for handling online payments. We DO NOT store your credit card details.

  • Blind Shipping

    All orders dispatched from CMYKhub have no paperwork or trace of our business. If you supply a jpeg logo to support@cmykhub.com, then we can include this on your box labels. If you prefer not to have any trace of your business on the box, then please select Blind Shipping.
  • Reseller Samples

    If you require hard copy samples of your order we can mail these to you separately to the delivery of your order. This is not possible for large wide format products or for orders of small quantities.
  • Booklets

    Page count – If you require a 32 Page Book with a thicker stock on the cover, then the specifications should read; 28pp A4 Portrait Plus Cover Body: Gloss 150gsm Custom Cover: Gloss 250gsm printed 2 sides 4 colour process throughout Saddle Staple

    Saddle Staple – Thickest offset printed book is 96PP Self Cover on 113gsm. Thickest digital printed book is 64PP Self Cover on 113gsm

    Perfect Bind – Thinnest perfect bound book is a 3mm spine = 36PP with 170gsm coated paper

    Custom size booklets can be quoted by the next largest standard size eg. 190x240mm is the same price as A4. To add this specification into the quote, please contact quotes@cmykhub.com

  • Combo Pack

    Available to order in Standard Product > Stationery. This is an A4 Letter Head, DL With Comp Slips, and A5 pads of 50 leaves.
  • Padding
    To quote pads in Hublink, select the number of leaves at your quantity and then tick Padding in Additional Options for the amount of pads required eg. 20 pads of 50 leaves = 1000 quantity.
  • Folding
    If the fold you require is not listed, please send your required specifications to quotes@cmykhub.com for a quote. Some folds are limited to certain stock thicknesses, so we will make a suggestion that will best suit.
  • Presentation Folders

    Please refer to the Templates page for the desired die-cut shape you require for your presentation folder and then select the number from the list of Standard or Custom Presentation Folders. These are not listed as offset or digital print – laminated folders of 500 and below are printed digital. Minimum order for offset print without a laminate is 250.


    *Other presentation folders can be quoted under Offset/Digital Flat Sheet by selecting the flat A1/A2/A3 size, then choosing your laminating option, then selecting Diecutting from Standing Form.

  • Bundling
    When selecting bundling in Additional Options, the number indicated in the box is the total number of bundles eg. 1000 quantity, bundled in 100’s – the number in the Bundling selection would be 10.
  • Standard Paper

    We have designed our offset pricing structure so that certain paper stocks are more competitive than others. This means we can buy these paper stocks at a better rate and we can provide faster turnaround times. These stocks are 100gsm Laser, 115gsm Gloss, 150gsm Gloss, 170gsm Gloss, 170gsm Silk/Matt, 250gsm Gloss & 350gsm Artboard. If your desired paper stock seems on the expensive side, then we recommend checking if it is cheaper to print digital.
  • Additional Stocks

    If you can’t find the paper stock you need in Standard Product or in the list of STANDARD PAPER in Offset/Digital Flat Sheet or Booklet, then you can select ALL PAPER and search the stock you require.
  • Reference

    This information is for your records and will be listed on our invoice. If you have a PO or order number to be listed, then this is where you include that. Including a reference in the quote/order also makes it easier to find in the list in Hublink.
  • Notes

    This is your opportunity to communicate about your order to our prepress and production staff. If you require your order delivered by a certain date, please mention this in the notes. If you have utilised the CMYK Colour Finder, please note the colour swatch reference. If you require artFIX on your file or would like prepress to auto-convert any non-CMYK colour, then this is the are to communicate this.
  • Artwork Upload

    Please only upload your print-ready PDF when placing your order in Hublink. All other supporting files can be emailed to orders@cmykhub.com
  • Price

    The ex GST price that you pay is listed next to the quantity. The Markup/Retail/Profit/Margin section below is purely a tool to help you provide a quote to your client.
  • Order Detail

    By clicking any order number in the Orders page, this provides up to date tracking information about the state of the order.

  • Order Progress

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