We want our trade partners to be market leaders and be responsible for providing print with minimal negative impact on our environment.

If you decide to buy products from CMYKhub we would like you to do so in good conscious and provide that detail onto your clients where necessary.


Being an environmentally conscious printer is more than just printing on recycled paper. We look at the complete process from petroleum free inks through to recycling of waste. We minimise wastepaper at every opportunity using our ganging process and optimise efficiency through production processes to reduce electricity use.


An investment in LED offset printing technology has dramatically reduced our carbon footprint and requirement for hazardous ammonia-based chemicals. HUV/LED curable ink ensures instant drying press sheets, rather than traditional solvent-based inks with Aqueous coatings that oxidise into the air releasing volatile organic compounds into the environment. Not only is H-UV/LED printing technology a better print quality, it uses significantly less power.


All of our presses run to consistent density calibrated by our CMYK Colour Finder book and the press technology coupled with skilled operators means we can reach our colour density levels in far fewer sheets than most traditional offset businesses meaning far less wastepaper and ink. A greater investment in digital equipment in recent years also means less by product being thrown away.

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