We recommend using a dieline from our extensive range of templates.
If you require a custom diecut, please contact quotes@cmykhub.com. If you choose to create your own die, it is best practice to create your dieline, mock it up and test it before laying out your artwork. Then repeat that process when the artwork is complete. If you require our assistance to produce a mock-up, please contact support@cmykhub.com

All dielines and perforation lines need to be a spot (PMS) colour to ensure they don’t print. It is also important for the dielines to be set to overprint on top of the CMYK artwork. This can be done in Illustrator or Indesign in the ‘Attributes’ panel.


We have highlighted the most important things to remember about setting up for diecutting below. For an extensive PDF guide, please download here.

  • How to Setup a Dieline
  • Presentation Folders

    The first page of the artwork for presentation folders is always the outside artwork.

    The right-hand side will be the front, left-hand side will be the back.

    If you need a double-sided folder, reverse the template for page 2 and provide the artwork as you would normally (left-to-right).

    Make sure to place your CMYK artwork underneath the folder template and please keep the Dieline spot colour as is (Do not convert to process colour).

  • Perforation Lines

    Perforation or score lines should be set as solid stroke lines, in different spot colours and must be set to overprint.

    Please note: The back page always mirrors the front so check that your perforations are in the correct location (flipped) on the back. Ensure your artwork is centred on each page so perforations line up exactly when flipped. Please make sure you include the complete dieline on both sides of your artwork.

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