Don’t sacrifice on quality just because you have a low-volume print run. Our digital print is the best in the business.

Experience the HP Indigo difference with larger sheet sizes, offset quality electro-inks and fast turn-arounds.

  • Offset or Digital?

    As a rule of thumb digital printing will be a cheaper option for quantities 250 copies or less for most products. A simple way to check this in Hublink is to quote your order in ‘Digital/Offset Flat Sheet’ or ‘Digital/Offset Booklet’ and you can use the tick box at the top of the screen to toggle between the two options to review the price difference. Digital hasn’t quite got the makeready time and cost associated with offset printing, so this is an ideal solution for low volume print runs. There are very few product limitations for digital printing with CMYKhub’s HP Indigo presses, however we do make some recommendations for best use.

  • Isn’t digital inferior quality?
    Digital print technology has come a long way over the past 10 years and CMYKhub has invested heavily in the best devices in the industry with HP Indigo. When you select digital print at CMYKhub, you get HP Indigo. These devices incorporate the offset printing method of utilising a blanket and liquid inks rather than traditional toner devices. This provides an enhanced print quality that rivals many offset presses. The HP Indigo 100K recently installed at CMYKhub Melbourne and Sydney prints at 1200dpi and can hold half-tone or pastel colours without banding issues in the solid that many toner devices experience.
  • When size matters

    Most digital devices will only print up to SRA3 size (450x320mm), however our HP Indigo 100K can print up to B2 size (750x530mm). This adds an array of products that traditionally needed to be printed at high volume offset or with more expensive wide format production. These products include:

    • Presentation Folders
    • A2 Posters
    • Landscape Orientation A4 Books
    • 6PP A4 Folded Brochures (630x297mm flat size)
    • Packaging 

    CMYKhub’s standard sheet size is 650x455mm. For oversize sheet sizes to print images up to 700x500mm, please contact

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