• Imposition
    When setting up artwork imposition for print, it’s helpful to remember that at CMYKhub, we’re a head-to-head printer. This means that the top of page 1 (front side) will be placed at the same end as the top of page 2 (back side).

  • Books
    • Saddle Stitch & Wire Bind
    • Perfect Bind
    Saddle Stitch & wire bound books should be supplied as single pages in pagination order. The first page should be the front cover, the last page should be the back cover.

    Perfect Bound books should be supplied as two separate files.

    1. The cover set as spreads with an allowance for the spine width – contact support@cmykhub.com to determine the correct width. 
    2. The internal pages, as single pages, in pagination order.

  • Folding
    Folded brochures should always be imposed as spreads at the flat trim size.

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